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Colloquium "Population and Ethics with Special Reference to Islam"

International Population Concerns network, Cairo, Egypt, September 2003
Concluding communiqué to our fellow Jesuits and colleagues

CLC World Assembly, Nairobi, 2003

Peter-Hans Kolvenbach SJ
To the General Assembly of the Christian Life Community

Nairobi, August 4, 2003
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Recommendations from the Nairobi World Assembly to Christian Life Community
“Sent by Christ, Members of One Body”
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A Constitution for the European Union

Analysis by Pierre de Charentenay SJ, Director of OCIPE, Brussels
23 June 2003 - [English]

Message du Père Peter-Hans Kolvenbach
au Sixième Congrès Mondial des Ancien(ne)s Elèves des Jésuites
Kolkata 21-24 janvier 2003

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Fourth Congress of Directors of Jesuit Secondary Schools of Europe (JECSE)
Konstancin Jeziorna, Warsaw, Poland - 16-20 October 2002

The Intellectual Dimension of Jesuit Ministries

Fr General Peter-Hans Kolvenbach SJ
Discourse at the "Ignatianum" School of Philosophy and Education
Krakow, Poland - Monday, 20 May 2002

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Exercises and Partners - Ejercicios y Co-actores

P. General Peter-Hans Kolvenbach
Discourse to Rome Consultation, 18 February 2002

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European Association of Jesuit Alumni/ae - XIXth European Congress
Malta, St. Aloysius' College, Birkirkara, 1- 3 November 2001

Message of Fr Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, Superior General of the Society of Jesus
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Closing Plenary Session
Suggestions and Actions * Suggestions et Actions * Sugerencias y Acciones

Christian Life Community - Europe

Forced Migrants Network

Youth "Common Mission" Project

International Meeting of Jesuit Higher Education

Rome (Monte Cucco), May 27, 2001

Twenty Years of Jesuit Refugee Service

European Jesuit Provincials express
"special concern" about refugee issue
Brussels, 5 December 2000

Loyola 2000

Opening Talk of Father General
Creative Fidelity in Mission

Discours d’ouverture du P. Général
Fidélité créatrice dans la mission

Discurso inaugural del P. General
Fidelidad Creativa en la Misión

Ansprache von P. General
Die schöpferische Treue in der Sendung

Discorso di apertura del Padre Generale
Fedeltà Creativa nella Missione

Openingstoespraak van P. Generaal
Creatieve trouw in de zending

Third Congress of Directors of Jesuit Secondary Schools of Europe (JECSE)
Rocca di Papa, October 20-24, 1999

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